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We hand carve badges and shields in solid hardwood. We do not own or utilize any laser or computerized carving equipment, We create our art by hand.


I began carving over 25 years ago and have been teaching myself this art form ever since. Today our carvings are owned by clients in 49 states and on four continents.

We look forward to being of service to you! 

We Hand Carve

We have carved wood police shields and badges from around the US. We are particularly fond of the Mahogany family of wood for our police shields and badges, but we carve all species.

Every badge and shield we create is carved by hand by an artist in the USA. We do not own or use any computerized or laser carving machines.

Our Inspiration

Our inspiration for hand carving badges and shields, comes from those who wear the real thing. It is our goal to replicate each badge/shield to be a source of pride to the person wearing the original and their department. It is our honor and privilege to carve each on.

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Badges & Shields



NYPD Detective Shields

I received the shields. Loss for words. You have exceeded my expectations.  The quality of work is phenomenal.  The stain is awesome!  I have yet to present the other carving to my uncle as gift, but I know he will be at a loss for words as well.  They are exact and true to form; the real deal.   I can't thank you enough for the work you have done.  Thank you again and thanks for supporting Law Enforcement in the work that you do.  Thank You! RG 

NCIS Badge

 My wife got me my NCIS Badge and I was speechless. Like to get my Dad's badge done. JC 

West Virginia State Police Badge

 I cannot believe how you were able to carve that to look EXACTLY like the badge. Amazing work.  It is absolutely amazing. The details are perfect. He says it's the best birthday present ever! Thank you very much.  Outstanding.  SS 

Seattle, WA Badges

 Stunning work, I asked Brian to do a firefighter badge for me and 2 police badges for my husband & son. They are beautiful, I can't wait to give them theirs as Christmas gifts. I get mine now! TC 

Prince George County Badge

Excuse my language but it is BAD A$$!!! Looks awesome!!!!  EM 

Georgia Badge


Just picked up the badge and it looks incredible! The detail is amazing and the color is exactly what I was looking for. The photos were great but it looks even better in person. I appreciate the time and effort that you put into this piece. (Written months later) I just wanted to let you know that I have received rave reviews for the badge that you carved for me. It is prominently displayed in my home and everyone that has seen it has been very impressed!

Thanks again, the carving is exactly what I was hoping for. GO